18.11.2017 MöWa Rockt Walldorf Alex im Westerland, Der Kern, PZZL, SATT, Lunatic Dictator, Acoustic Pieces
08.10.2017 Nachtleben Frankfurt a.M. Psycho Village, Curse Of Life, Even In His Youth, Flood
10.03.2017 Efzet Forum Bad Vilbel Who's Mary, Her Kind To Kill, InFluence
03.12.2016 KJK Sandgasse (OffRock Bandcontest) Offenbach Watch Me Rise, Are We Used To It, IKA
12.11.2016 Freizeithaus Dicker Busch Rüsselsheim Born In A Tempest, Ntstrm, Klangfragment
03.03.2016 Elfer (vorher Orange Peel)
Frankfurt a. M. Skywalker, Light Your Anchor, Create To Inspire, Never Backdown, Nautilus
12.12.2015 Maintal Rockz (Bandcontest) Maintal Precipitation, Third Wave, Heisenberg, Drag ´Em Down, Shortless, Admiror
21.11.2015 MöWa Rockt Walldorf All Will Know, Magnetfeld, Cube, Sigura, The Gi-Ants, Rough Boy, Seventeen Inches, Sound.File, Eat The Bar
02.10.2015 JuKuZ Mörfelden Drowned Society, Ira Antea
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